Roosevelt Island
Community Coalition

RICC, formed in 2012, is an advocate for the health and well being of the Island community and its organizations during the Cornell development. We work to urge the fulfillment of Cornell's verbal and written commitments to the community.

and Safety

Roosevelt Island's Goldwater Hospital, which is slated to be demolished to make way for the new Cornell Tech campus, contains a significant amount of harmful materials, including asbestos, from its many years of use. RICC is dedicated to ensuring the demolition and construction process does not disturb the health and safety of Island residents.

and Barging

With just one Main street and limited, crowded connections to other transportation links, Roosevelt Island's transportation infrastructure cannot meet the needs of a massive construction project, nor the increased campus population expected. RICC has - and will continue to - push for barging of materials and debris, along with commitments to reduce on-island traffic down a single central street.

and Community

Roosevelt Island is a self-supporting community with a diverse, mixed income population and unique needs. RICC is working to promote educational and community interaction with Cornell and existing Island residents. These programs and efforts are expected to increase as the campus develops and classes begin on the Island.

Updated 11/26/2017 - Roosevelt Island Community Coalition